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At Urban Fit Tees we understand that being unique and different is what most of us are looking for. We also know that street wear is more than just a covering and our designers work with that in mind. Urban street wear needs to make a statement so that when you wear it at home or on the street people will talk. Your style and how you look matters so you should be at your best. Our philosophy is once you are on top of your personal style you will feel your best. Try our in-store brand apparel selection of creative tees hoodies and accessories that can be funny, thoughtful and conversation starters.

If you don’t see it here just send us an email with your special request and our team of designers will make something just for you.

WAIT! This is just for you.

Do you see a design you like but it's not in the color you want.

Let us know and we will have it specially made for you at no extra cost.

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